If not for that Mag-Lite

Submitted: 2017


I was returning from work on a cold Winters day when I reached an over pass where ahead of me, it looked like bumper cars bouncing all over the place. I got as far to the Left in the median as I could, and by some grace of God, I reached the end of the frozen over pass unscathed. I immediately pulled to the right shoulder, grabbed my Mag-Lite (it was still dark out) and ran to the people in the vehicles to make sure they were ok.

This was PRE Cell Phone era, so I did what I could do to divert and slow traffic using my 4D cell Mag-Lite. Approaching vehicles slowed and passed without incident, then came a charter bus and the driver took his sweet time noticing me waving my arms, yelling and waving the flashlight wildly at his windshield. FINALLY, he took notice and managed to stop (other cars had completely blocked the overpass by this point). If not for that Mag-Lite, it’s hard telling how many injuries would have happened if that bus had continued at road speed onto the overpass.

Road speed was 55mph. So, among many other stories where my Mag-Lites (totaling over 30) came into play, this was the single most note worthy and memorable. Nothing compared to the gentleman who traversed the stairs at the WTC in NYC with his 2 AA Mini Mag-Lite, but, a story none the less. Here is the Mag-Lite that was at my side and it will continue to be one that’s close at hand when I’m out and about in my work truck.

Kind Regards!!