What It Means To Be "A U.S.A. Manufacturer"

Mag Instrument’s only factory is, and always has been, in Southern California, and our entire manufacturing workforce – everybody from product-development engineers to automation specialists to machinists — reports to work there, as it always has. It is not, however, possible for us to make every part, component and accessory under our own roof.  When we have to go outside, our strong preference is to procure such parts from a maker that is not only domestic but, if possible, local.

But in this age of trade globalization, it is not always practical for the manufacturer of any product of any complexity to procure all the needed parts and components domestically.  In addition to price, there are other and often far more important considerations, like consistent quality and stability in the supply chain.  We have even faced situations where no potential domestic supplier was even interested in bidding on a part- or component-supply contract.  And so it is necessary, from time to time, to go overseas for a part or component, as much as we do not like to do that.

So when we say that we are “A U.S.A. Manufacturer” whose flashlights are “Built In America,” we do not mean that no part, component or accessory of one of our flashlights is ever imported. What we  DO mean is that our flashlights are, and always have been, invented, designed and engineered in America and assembled in and shipped from our American factory where all of the body parts and most of the other parts are made, even if some parts, components and accessories may need to be sourced from an overseas supplier.  And when a product of ours does include some foreign content, we duly note that on package labeling.

In this way, we strive to save as many American jobs as we can keep going, by keeping our manufacturing as American as it can be and still yield a reliable supply of a product of the quality our consumers demand, at a price they will accept.