Ice Fishing by MAG Candlelight

Submitted: 2017
By: Ethan R.

My Dad and I were ice fishing and as the day went on it became darker. It soon got virtually pitch black in the ice shack other than the glow of our propane heater (which can be seen in the picture). To continue to watch my bobber I found myself in need of a light source. My Dad said to not use anything too bright because it would scare the fish away. In the ice shack, I sat with my Dad to the right and with the warmth of the heater I mentally scanned our gear, because it was too dark to see, thinking of any small light source that we had with us.

I couldn’t think of anything small enough that my Dad had packed so I checked my pockets. Normally I carry a small pill bottle with matches and a small 4 in 1 keychain attached with it and a small Mag-Lite flashlight. In behind the matches, I managed to find the small 2 AAA Mini Mag-Lite flashlight. I knew that focusing the beam wouldn’t help. I remembered that by twisting the head completely off it would turn into candle mode.