Hurricane Disaster-Preparedness

Disaster-Preparedness Training Expert and author, Haskell Moore, says relying on a cell phone for light during a disaster is a mistake.

Many people seem to think that because they have a phone that has a light mode they don’t need to have a flashlight in case of an emergency. According to Haskell Moore, a disaster-preparedness training expert, and author of the book “Hurricane Preparedness for Home and Family”, this is a dangerous mistake.

“To use your phone as an emergency light source has several drawbacks, first you want to save the battery to take and place emergency calls and also receive texts and alerts from authorities. Secondly, the lumens on a phone are very low, typically around 40, and not very well directed, so while great for helping you find a dropped car key in a dim parking lot, it’s not so useful for signaling a rescue chopper,”  Moore said.

Your phone needs to be saved for critical communications, you should get a strong lasting battery-operated light like the Maglite 300L 4D that will last up to two weeks on a single set of batteries and a smaller more compact light for tight spaces like a MagTac 2 or Mini-Maglite.

“Save your phone for emergency communications and have two trusty flashlights minimum is my advice in any emergency,” 

Haskell Moore