The Best Flashlights For Christmas Gifts in 2022


Maglite (00:10):

Oh, oh. Santa here and I've been asked to do some Special Mag Light podcasts this year. You know, magLight has those wonderful flashlights and those whole different kinds. And Santa Claus have been using them to light his way on Christmas Eve ever since Rudolph retired. And uh, well I gotta tell you, there are some flashlights that, uh, well they're on my naughty list cuz they burn out and they break. But the Maglites, no matter where I go, if I fall down a chimney and if I land too hard on a roof, they still work. And one of Santa's favorite things. And of course they make a great gift for everyone. And joining us on this podcast, we have our special guest. He's been very good this year and he's been particularly good for many years as a patriot and a wonderful guy and an inspirational speaker. And we're glad to have him here. Chris Paronto. Hello Chris.

Kris (01:05):

Hey, well thank you for having me Santa. I appreciate it buddy. And yeah, I have been good. So I need alot of Maglite stuff this year. Give me a Maglite swag. Just keep bringing it, bringing it, I can use it.<laugh>.

Maglite (01:17):

No, I understand. You've been using Mag Lights for years and in fact, I, I review that you did with Mag like some time ago. Yeah. With that blue Desmond guy, by the way. What a character that one is. Goodness.

Kris (01:29):

Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if he deserves any presence this year, but you know what,

Maglite (01:33):

Talk about a guy who loves to hear himself talk

Kris (01:36):

<laugh>. Um, yeah, I, I would agree with that a little bit, just a tad. But he's, he's, he has a good heart though, and that's the key. He's got a good heart. Good.

Maglite (01:45):

He's about the, he has the face for radio, I'll tell you that. Anyway,

Kris (01:51):


Maglite (01:52):

So Chris, you look like you're in great shape, but you're recovering from an injury, is that correct?

Kris (01:58):

That is correct. Actually, I, I got my little silks on, but I'll stand up. I'm got the brace on right now. Got that quadricep quadricep tear, but getting it done and, and getting it ret stretched out. So gotta gotta still get in shape, man. Can't, can't get outta shape just cuz I got a little injury on me.

Maglite (02:16):

Well, Santa Santa's had his, uh, share of injuries over the years. You, you travel that fast that far and godown that many chimneys and, uh, bad things are bound to happen. And, uh, thankfully I'm a magical old fat elf and, uh, you know, the injury seal pretty quickly. I just twinkle on my nose and the bone goes right back together. And where do you know, that's

Kris (02:38):

What I want for Christmas. I want, I want a new quadricep tendon. Can I get one for Christmas?

Maglite (02:42):

Here? We can do something about that.


Okay. Thanks buddy.

Maglite (02:46):

So these MagTac 2's, yeah, this is, uh, one of the newer items at Maglite. And my understanding is you love this old flashlight

Kris (02:56):

That is tremendous. It's actually, I have it right by my desk, right in my room, I should say my, my bedside table there because it, it's, first of all, it's, it's rugged. I do like the bevels, the bevels in the middle, it holds well. You can just, it just fits in your hand. It's perfect. It's like Harry Potter's one, when he found his wand, it was the tack light when I put it, that tack mag light in my hand was like, man, that thing is perfect. And of course it just, the looms is perfect. It burns as bright. It's a great torch. But just the way it feels and also the way it manipulates just the easy press buttons on the back and it's, it doesn't get caught. It's, it's so simple to use. But those beveled edges, I tell you what, those bevels in the middlethat is something I don't know if, I don't know if it's proprietary to Maglite, but that should be because

Maglite (03:40):

Oh hell yes, that's proprietary to Mag. Like Mr. Mag, he's very serious about pretending his his intellectual property. Uh, not a man that you wanna try to knock something off, if you know what I'm saying. You find yourself on the wrong side. The courtroom

Kris (03:57):

<laugh>, that's, well, I won't do it. I'm, I'm on his side. I want, I wanna be with whatever he's making to send me some, and, and, and definitely I'll use it. And I've got mag lights actually positioned all over my house. Not just the MagTac, but I've got all the other Maglites that as far as the, the, uh, the, umbattery power, you know, and we've got all the, uh, the, what, how, what's the word I'm looking for when they're not battery powered, but,


Oh, rechargeable.

Kris (04:24):

Rechargeable. But every room has a mag light. So if we lose power, I've got one ready to go. And, and it works. And actually we've lost power a couple times out here in the Midwest. It happens in the spring.And having that mag light ready to go there, that's a good, uh, that's, that one is actually in my laundry room. That one I've got it looked up in my laundry room right now. And that's

Maglite (04:45):

Rechargeables high end there. That ML one 50, LR rechargeable right there. Santa Claus has one of those in his bar out where the reindeer are. Uh, because you know, you go wandering out there in the middle of the night and forget you don't have a flashlight and well, thank goodness you've got one out there.

Kris (05:03):

Bad things happen to you if you don't have one.

Maglite (05:05):

Always, always good to have something charging. Well Chris, we wanted to have you on because like said, you've always been a very, well, not always, most of the time you've been a very good boy. And we like you and we've seen that you've done something with Mag like previously and of course Anthony Maglica and the whole mag like of family, they've been very good over the years and so Santa's been good to them and they've been very good to the world. So mag lights everywhere, uh, in the house.Everybody should follow that advice from Chris Toto, thank you for being here with Santa on the Maglite podcast. Ha, Merry Christmas everybody,

Kris (05:43):

My honor. Santa, you'd be safe out there.