Santa Discusses Great Stocking Stuffers




Oh, oh, Santa here. I've been asked to do a very special podcast edition for my friends at Maglite, and here we are with a very special guest. And by the way, I've gotta tell you about the only person who has a, a shop that I'm jealous of has gotta be Tony Maglica, if you've ever been to Maglite my what shop they have, what kind of toys I could make there. Anyway, Mark Berte joins us. Here he is with the Share the Beach organization, which by the way, if you know anyone who cares about sea turtles, you can get these lovely mag lights, share the beach logo. And by the way, they're the very special red, and that is part of the Mag Light Series of colored Lights. Uh, well, they are in a different spectrum. You seehere the Spectrum Series in red, green, soft, white, blue, and others. And you can get all those lights at especially. Check out our gift guide as well. Oh, so Mark, tell us about your organization and the work you do with Maglite.

Mark (01:23):

Absolutely. Santa, we are really honored to be a part of this. Uh, as you'd said, the Alabama Coastal Foundation's Chair of the Beach program, uh, has partnered with Mag Light. And literally this is, this will be the best stocking sufferer for any child, grandchild, it, even great ch grandchild, uh, if it's right in the stocking, but also helps our sea turtles and helps to support a great organization, the Alabama Coastal Foundation. Uh, we run the Share the Beach, uh, program. And as, uh, as, uh, Santa had mentionedwe have a nice, uh, logo on these, uh, flashlights. Uh, they were actually designed by Maglite. I know we just have Veterans Day, uh, but for, uh, cockpits, uh, for Air Force pilots. And so, uh, they do provide ample about of lighting, uh, for any human use on the beaches, uh, is whether you're in Alabama, uhwhere it's a little bit warmer right now. Santa, I'm gonna turn my camera. So you can see the, uh, the Gulf of Mexico right there. It's about, uh, 70

Maglite (02:24):

Santa would melt in about five minutes

Mark (02:27):

Exactly. But we have, sea turtles are all around the world, so our flashlights will help any program that supports our sea turtle conservation efforts. Not only

Maglite (02:37):

Can you explain to people how the spectrum of vision works and why the turtles don't necessarily see this light.

Mark (02:43):

Absolutely. Well, it's really important, especially in Alabama May through October to make sure we don't have those white flashlights on our beaches because it disorients those mama sea turtles from coming up, uh, to the nest. To nest. Um, and they've been, been doing this for millions of years. And, uhso we are, uh, we are happy to, uh, not, you know, disturb them from their natural process. And then when those hatchling try to make their way back into the Gulf of Mexico after about, you know, 55 days or so, uh, in the nest, um, then, then that we want to make sure we don't disorient them with the light sand those red l e d lights that we, we researched this for years and we were so honored to partner withuh, such a great, uh, company as Mag Instruments. And, uh, these are very durable. Uh, they're, um, uhwater resistant, drop resistant. Uh, they're, uh, wonderfully, uh, uh, they, whenever you get 'em, you have them, those little packages as well as a case as well as you get the flashlight and the little, uh, clip for the pin,

Maglite 03:46):

What the Maglite people call a pres box, a presentation box.

Mark (03:50):

And it's really, is beautiful. And, uh, again, flashlight, I mean, uh, battery included. Uh, so you don't have to worry about that. But any, uh, grandparent, uh, looking for a or, or a parent looking for a great stocking stuffer, this is the, the, the present. And it's so easy to do. Um, you can go to our website, If you put in ACF20, you'll get a 20% discount.

Maglite (04:14):

ACF stands for Alabama Coastal Foundation, and the share of the beach symbol and logo is all overEverything with that cute little turtle. I love those sea turtles. Very, very wonderful creation.

Mark (04:24):

Absolutely. Yes. I'm sure you look down and can see them when you're flying over the water Santa.

Maglite (04:29):

Well, they leave this trail of light so you, you can see them. Definitely. And when, uh, when, when I'm done, uh, I shall come down to the coast and get some sun, but not wearing this, just saying.Understood. Little bit warm. Mark Berte. I'm, I'm so glad to have you from the Alabama CoastalFoundation, Santa Claus, signing off for the Maglite Podcast. Merry Christmas everybody.

Mark (04:52):

Merry Christmas.