National Law Enforcement Hero Award To Be Presented to Hampton Police Officer Haley Magee For Rescuing Woman In A Burning Car After Terrible Accident


(Hampton Beach, NH) – On June 22, at 11A.M. in a ceremony held at the Hampton Police Department (100 Brown Ave, Hampton, NH) Officer Haley Magee will receive the National Law Enforcement Hero Award from MAGLITE®.

 Magee is being honored for her extraordinary heroism in saving the life of a woman who had wrecked her car and was trapped as it started to burn.  After unsuccessfully trying to pull a door open to gain access and get the screaming woman out, Magee used her Maglite flashlight to break out the rear window of the vehicle and helped her crawl out. 

 I didn’t want her to be in that car, I just needed to get her out, Magee said.  She praised the toughness of her Maglite flashlight in getting the woman out of the car.  “I was able to smash the window in with it in just two strikes.” Magee took the woman to her cruiser to apply what medical assistance she could as the vehicle caught fire. 

 “If I had not had that kind of durable tool as the Maglite, I don’t know how I could have gotten her out,” Magee went on to say.

 Deputy Police Chief Alex Reno praised officer Magee saying, “She’s a good police officer who’s focused on doing the right things and helping people.” 

 The National Law Enforcement Hero program is a MAGLITE® program that periodically honors single officers, groups or whole departments for an extraordinary commitment to upholding excellence in law enforcement activities.

 “Our commitment to law enforcement is deeply ingrained in our culture and history at Maglite and we’ll never waiver from it,” said Anthony Maglica, Founder and CEO of Mag Instrument Inc. “This is why we are committed to supporting this program. We need to recognize these true heroes with this award so they get the proper respect and attention they deserve.