(Ontario CA,) July 13, 2022 – Mag Instrument, Inc., maker of the world renown family of MAGLITE® flashlights, launches the much-anticipated MAG-TAC® 2 tactical LED flashlight. MAG-TAC 2 is an additional American design built to exacting standards of Founder and CEO of Mag Instrument, Inc., Anthony ‘Tony’ Maglica.   The new Maglite® MAG-TAC® 2 LED tactical flashlight is a compact flashlight with full-size power.   

The MAG-TAC® 2 flashlight comes in two different models and incorporates three functions selectable through Mag Instrument's tail cap-switch-activated "QuickClick" mode selector. The TM Model (Crown Bezel) has momentary, full power andstrobe; The TL Model (Plain Bezel) has momentary, full, and low power. A notable feature is barrel grooves which provide superior ergonomic design for multiple firearm-hold techniques and hand sizes. 

 The MAG-TAC® 2 flashlight is designed from the operator’s viewpoint and is intended to work in tandem and support all firearm and hand-held flashlight techniques such as: 

Neck Indexing – The MAG-TAC® 2 is brought up to face, just underneath cheek with over the fingers grip. 
FBI Modified – The MAG-TAC® 2 is held one-handed away from body with firearm to one side or overhead. 
Harries hold – The MAG-TAC® 2 is held in the non-firearm hand under the gun hand, and then pressing the back of the hand holding the MAG-TAC® 2 against the back of the firearm hand. 
Maglite Technique – The MAG-TAC® 2 is held in a cigar like position, putting two fingers in comfortable position to operate it by pulling back on fingertips and using inside knuckle of the thumb to activate. 


The MAG-TAC® 2 flashlight can stand up and illuminate an area for hands-free operation. It can be used in search situations or to cast a stable light source across an area.  Tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association. The MAG-TAC® 2 is an excellent lighting tool for Law Enforcement and Military personnel because of its superior performance, durability, and reliability, which is essential for Operators that face critical situations. 

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