MAGLITE® and the American Paramedic Association Partner with Pedestrian Safety Institute to Promote Traffic and Pedestrian safety During July – the Deadliest Month of the Year


Pedestrian Deaths Jumped Sharply Despite Pandemic – Less Miles Driven

(Ontario, CA) June 21, 2022: The Maglite brand partners up with The American Paramedic Association (APA) and the Pedestrian Safety Institute (PSI) to support traffic and pedestrian safety during the deadliest month of the year. According to the PSI, July maintains the highest rate of traffic related fatalities specifically with those of pedestrians. The days surrounding July 4th are particularly dangerous. 

“Paramedics are those that treat the injured and see the deaths up close from traffic fatalities and want to urge people to be more cautious so that we can respond to less of these tragedies,” said, Andrew Stephen, Executive Director of APA.   “Any time a paramedic is out of their vehicle, the goal is to be visible.  Why should it be any different for pedestrians?”

Darkness and low-visibility play a significant role in pedestrian deaths. In fact, more than 70% of fatalities happen at dawn, dusk or night. Maglite and the American Paramedic Association are on a mission to illuminate the dangers of driving in low-visibility conditions to reduce deaths and injuries. In order to raise awareness, they are distributing press materials and alerting the media about the dangers pedestrians will face in the coming months, while also promoting National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month. 

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month was created by the Pedestrian Safety Institute with the goal of educating and urging drivers to use caution while driving during this time of year. “There are simple ways to reduce the number of deaths due to pedestrian traffic accidents - carry a bright flashlight, wear reflective clothing and be cautious, especially around fast-moving traffic,” said Tony Maglica, founder and CEO of Mag Instrument, Inc., manufacturer of the Maglite® Flashlight. 

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), more than 6,700 pedestrians died in vehicle related accidents in 2020, up 6,412 the year before. GHSA  projected that pedestrian fatality rate increased around 20% as deaths climbed sharply despite people driving less during the pandemic.Preliminary data from 2021 indicates yet another increase in pedestrian deaths.  


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