It's Thanksgiving Time!

Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is a holiday favorite for many reasons. There’s the smorgasbord of food, the long weekend, and the endless opportunities for enjoying time with family and friends. Usually, before you know it the weekend has come and gone without much to show for it besides a tupperware container full of turkey and leftovers. This week we offer up a list of fun activities like camping, Black Friday shopping, movie-marathoning, and volunteering. Make the most out of your Thanksgiving break and have a #maglife adventure you’re sure to remember!

Go Outside

This time of year, some places are cold and frosty while others are hot and dry. Still, there’s something about fall that leads you outdoors no matter what the temperature. If you’re in a warm climate, road tripping or camping are great memory-making opportunities for this weekend. Pack a weekender bag, pack some snacks, and pack your buddies! Pull over on the drive to take some scenic selfies where you’ve never stopped before. Have breakfast at a local mom-and-pop shop. Grab a cup of coffee and people watch. Go on a hike, tell stories by the fire, and sleep under the stars. You’ll definitely need the ML300L 4D LED flashlight, which will run nonstop for more than two weeks.

If you’re in a cooler climate, you can try spending an evening restaurant-hopping: drinks at the first place, appetizers at the second, entrees at the third, and dessert at a fourth. It might be cold in between stops, but there’s something nostalgic about bundling up and having rosy cheeks and then warming up indoors.

Embrace the Experience

Thanksgiving weekend is notorious for shopping malls, auto dealerships, and superstores having amazing discounts. This is a perfect opportunity to grab some gifts for the Christmas season (or to snag a few items for yourself). Some people even research what types of sales stores will be having and plan out their whole day of shopping accordingly. Checking out deals this weekend with friends and family can be a fun way to walk off the food coma -- especially since Black Friday sales usually start the night of Thanksgiving dinner!

If you’re not interested in dealing with crowds or shopping, going to the movies or movie-marathoning at home is always a fun Thanksgiving pastime. Gather the gang together to go see whatever blockbuster movie comes out this weekend. Get some soda, popcorn, and candy to fully embrace the movie-going experience. Online streaming services also make it easy to watch movies at home. Cozy up with a blanket, your pajamas, and your favorite snacks, and you’re sure to have a relaxing night bonding with your loved ones.

Give Thanks & Give Back

This Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember to truly take the time to reflect and be grateful for what we have. Giving back to the community by volunteering is a great way to not only bond with friends and family this weekend, but to make a difference in someone’s life. Look online to find organizations near you where you can help. There are many food banks, distribution services, and share-a-meal programs that aim to feed the less fortunate. There are also turkey trots that raise donations for different causes like homelessness, veteran care, and animal rescue.

This Thanksgiving, live your best #maglife by making memories and adventures with your friends and loved ones. You might just have so much fun trying something new that it’ll turn into an annual tradition!