Celebrating the American Educator

teacher in classroom

The third week in November is American Education Week. This week celebrates public education and individuals who ensure that every child receives a quality education. America wouldn’t be where it is today without the people that make a difference in our children’s lives day in and day out. Keep reading to learn about the history and importance of this observance. We’ll also suggest ways that the community can honor and support the needs of public schools. One thing that every teacher needs in their classroom: a durable, reliable tool that is a Maglite flashlight.

“Read. Educate. Inspire.”

In 1919, the National Education Association and the American Legion sought to raise awareness and generate support for public education. In 1921, an NEA representative from Iowa called for the American Education Week for the purpose of informing the public of the accomplishments and needs of public schools so that those needs could be met. In 1922, the Office of Education became a cosponsor, and then in 1938 the PTA became a cosponsor as well. Today there are over 13 cosponsors in support of American Education Week and it’s cause.

This year, the theme of American Education Week is “Read. Educate. Inspire.” Each day of the week will spotlight esteemed individuals that play a pivotal role in building and supporting the public school system. Monday is “Kickoff Day” to celebrate the week as a whole. Tuesday is “Parents Day,” where schools across the nation invite parents to the classroom to experience their children’s education first-hand. “Parents Day” is all about the importance of consistent parent involvement, whether it be by checking homework, getting to know the student’s teacher, or simply discussing the school day. Wednesday is “Education Support Professionals Day,” which recognizes the entire school staff that helps keep the school running. Thursday is “Educator for a Day.” On this day, individuals from the community are guided by a staff member through teaching a class, performing supervision duties, serving lunch, etc. The purpose of this day is to bring understanding to public officials about staffing, materials, and facilities needs. Friday is “Substitute Educators Day,” which is intended to increase appreciation and respect for substitute teachers who bring quality education to schoolchildren in the absence of their regular teachers.

Help Raise Awareness

To support American Education week, try speaking to your local school staff to see if they will be hosting any events. For example, schools might hold bake sales, have a jog-a-thon, or even collect donations. If the schools in your community aren’t hosting an event themselves, consider partnering with the PTA or another organization to help raise awareness about this important week and meet the needs of your children’s educators.

Thank You!

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Thank you to all the parents, educators, and staff members out there making a difference in the lives of today’s youth!