Why Choose Rechargeable?

When choosing a flashlight, one of the questions one asks themselves is – Should I buy a rechargeable flashlight? Though the answer is that of a personal choice, here are a few reasons WHY you might want to choose a rechargeable flashlight.

There are many benefits to rechargeable flashlights, here are just a couple -

  • Cost Savings – The cost of alkaline batteries can add up over time.  Rechargeable batteries can be ‘charged’ multiple times for repeated use.  Though some rechargeable flashlight may have higher upfront cost, in the long run you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries as often as you would with disposable alkaline batteries.
  •  Improved Power Management with multiple operating modes and functions sets.

 The MAGLITE® brand offers several different LED rechargeable flashlights from the MAGCHARGER® family of flashlightsOne of the newest being the ML150LRS.  This Fast-Charging flashlight offers patented advanced heat sink technology for improved brightness and power management.  

Another option and one of our top sellers is the MAG-TAC® LED Rechargeable Flashlight system, which comes in both plain and crowned bezel.  This advanced lighting tool is powered by a high-capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery which is engineered for long service life with a 2.5 hr. charge time.  The MAG-TAC® rechargeable offers an array of operating modes and function sets selectable via a tail-cap switch.


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