Maglite Icon Glossary


Rechargeable flashlightWhile the initial cost of a rechargeable battery is significant, it is designed to withstand up to a thousand charge/discharge cycles. 


Maglite® Eco Mode

ECO Mode™: Ultra-low-power mode, which still provides useful light due to the excellent flashlight optics, while significantly increasing the runtime. 


Maglite® Multi-Mode

Multi-Mode®Some Maglite® flashlights are simply on/off flashlights. However, others allow the user to choose from a variety of features. 


Maglite® Quick Click

QuickClik™Most Maglite® LED flashlights have electronic switches that offer more functionality than typical flashlights with mechanical switches. 


Maglite® Quick Focus

Quick Focus™: An advanced, fast-acting beam focus system adjusts at 1/4 turn of the head over the full range of focus adjustment.


Maglite® Spot to Flood

Spot to Flood Beam Focusing: Adjusts the focus of the beam as needed by simply rotating the flashlight's head.


Maglite® Candle Mode

Candle Mode: Multiple Maglite® flashlights quickly convert to a freestanding candle mode, providing convenient hands-free light when needed.


Maglite® Activity Based Function Sets

Activity-Based Function Sets: These Maglite® LED flashlights offer five different function modes: Full Power, Low Power, Strobe, Eco and Momentary. 


Maglite® Water Resistant

Water Resistant: These Maglite® flashlight models have successfully passed the ANSI standard “Water Resistant” test. 


Maglite® Waterproof

Waterproof: These Maglite® flashlight models have passed the ANSI Standard 1-Meter Water Resistant test. 


Maglite® NTOA

National Tactical Officers AssociationIt implies that the product referenced has achieved Recommended status under the Member Tested and Recommended NTOA program (USA) based on field testing and tactical police officer ratings.