A Mag Story - The Haunted Flashlight

A MAG STORY Received 10/25/2020 -  VIA MAG STORIES LINK


The Haunted Flashlight.

I am a 36 year old father of two and have been using Maglite since I was young. In of my earliest memories was exploring haunted graveyards and abandoned building when I was a kid. My mother was NYPD and had a 5 cell Maglite that I would use when I was exploring with friends. I had a bit of a ghost story tied to this flashlight and it still is cursed till this day. My mother’s flashlight was with me one day when I was 16 and at the Monastery next to Wagner college in Staten Island. Me and a group of friends where walking through a dark hallway that lead into the sanctuary. When we entered the sanctuary there was a large pentagram in the center of the floor and groups of candles where lit at wash point. We where scared straight that night and it wasn’t because the sight of the pentagram but the thought of the candles where just lit and the wax had just started to pool in the tops of the candles. Most of the group scurried away and made their way out the secret entrance but me and two friends couldn’t resist the urge to see what was going on. The thing I loved about this Maglite flashlight is the weight that the lite had to it. Moms service flashlight has a solid steel frame and the 5 D-cell batteries lasted a long time. That flashlight was my saving grace that day because it protected my life from being attracted and light my way while I was exploring. So I’m guessing you wondering what happened that I think my flashlight is haunted and what I witnessed in that dark hallway and I would be happy to tell you I knew exactly what happened but it’s to crazy to be real at least that’s what I told me self for the past 20yrs. Me and two other people missed the exit it was a secret entrance the windows where all bricked shut and the entrance was completely blocked but for a narrow entrance in the foundation wall that fell a part and just wide enough to fit in and explore. There was absolutely not light in the building no matter what time of day and without a flashlight you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. It was extremely damp and the air was stuff from no air moving in or out. Well we waited silently at the end of the hall with the flashlights off staring at the glow at the end of the hall looking for some kind of movement or sound to indicate if there was someone else still in that sanctuary but nothing came so we went looking for the exit. This is when everything went wrong! The hallway got cold very cold cold enough to see the breath coming out of our mouths but it was summer and the night outside of that unholy building was hot and humid and no way did the temperature outside become that cold. This is when it happened something killed my flashlight. I said something for a reason because SOMETHING came from the dark end of that hallway letting out long screaming howling and surrounded us. I couldn’t see anything because the flashlight was out and wouldn’t turn on but I could feel it’s presence. It was aggressive and screamed so loud that I was practically deaf. I started swinging my flashlight like a baseball bat and it cut through the air without making contact with this entity but it felt cold and wet. I scurried in the dark down that hallway feeling the walls for my friend or for the hole in the wall. The presence left us and carried on down the hallway towards the flickering candles screeching along the walls like nails on a chalkboard. The light came back on. We found the exit and made it to the cars. My best friend and now cousin through marriage my wife is his first cousin made it to his car and we booked it out of there. This may sound like a made up story and something from a kids horror story and I wish I was making it up but I’m not. About three years ago my cousin and I where working on his basement and he hired a carpenter to help him finish his basement project. So this guys name is Dave and he was a skilled union carpenter and I am a union electrician. A few days later me Dave and Glen started talking about the old days and Dave had an interesting story about his early years working in film and AV in high school. He told us a story of one day he was contacted by these two kids that claimed to be warlocks and could communicate with the dead and spiritual realm. I have always been skeptical about what happened to us that night 20 years ago and was never face to face with a force like that ever again but I can’t deny that it happened because it did and what happened next made me a believer. Dave told us a story bout how he met with these two warlocks and he brought his cameras. He told us that they light candles and painted a pentagram on the floor. They chanted some lines from a book and that when Dave says things got real. They heard our group of friends coming in to the sanctuary and they hid from us. When I heard this I froze . Is it possible that he made contact with this thing that I was faced with 20 years ago? Sure enough he did and he added that the candles blew out and something entered the room screaming in his face! We exchanged accounts of what happened that night and long and behold my cousin Glen brought up the flashlight and how it cut out. This flashlight went everywhere with me back then and I forgot what happened to it. After some phone calls and a few trips down memory lane and long and behold the flashlight was with glens mom. She loved that flashlight for all the same reasons it was heavy and worked well but sometimes it would cut out. This is where I want to tell you that this story ends and the flashlight is great but I can’t. It is cursed from that day and has been passed around the family several times and there’s many horror stories attached to this flashlight. The flashlight was given back to me after my mother passed this year from 9/11 cancer in March 2020. My mother was supposed to retire from NYPD September 2001 and she stayed on for 6 more months to help with the tragic attack on NYC . This same flashlight I used in June 2001 was the same flashlight my mom used searching the debris. At first it was great to have my moms flashlight back I my possession no pun intended but things started happening after I got the flashlight back. My kids started having night terrors and waking up screaming. They said that someone was in their room and I didn’t think it was related. I was in the shower after the wife and kids went to school and work and then something unexpected happened. The water was ice cold and the bathroom door opened and shut. I got out immediately got dressed and grabbed the flashlight. Yes ! The same one that we are talking about. I searched the house and called my cousin. With him on the phone I walked around inside and out and found nothing. More and more unexplained things happened until my wife asked me if I brought home something that was cursed. I didn’t tell her about the flashlight it never even occurred to me that this whole story playing out the way it was until now. I started recalling all the times things happened and where the flashlight was and it was there every time. I put the flashlight in the tool box of my 2018 F150 pickup with 20k mile on it the truck broke down. The engine wouldn’t turn over and ended up breaking down. The dealer says that the engine has to be rebuilt. “At the time of writing this the flashlight is still in the truck and the pictures on my walls are falling off the wall”. This flashlight maybe cursed and this story is way more elaborate then what I have wrote and I feel this story is long enough. The flashlight may be cursed and strange thing are still happening but I can not get rid of it because it has been through it all with me and my family. I would love to know what you guys think about this story and my haunted mag light. I don’t know what to do with it if it is haunted I’m afraid to pass to someone else because the curse may pass with it. Let me know

Matawan, NJ