USA Manufacturing & Machining

USA Manufacturing & Machining

Mag Instrument, Inc., the U. S. manufacturer of the world famous Maglite® flashlight products, has a 65 year tradition of cutting edge manufacturing capability.  From manufacturing components that went to space on America’s first satellite, to manufacturing innovative underwater lighting technology for Jacques Cousteau, to its present day state-of-the-art mechanical/electronics precision lighting instruments, Mag has now initiated a new effort to broaden the reach of its manufacturing know-how in the following areas.


• Primary / Secondary Machining • Injection Molding • Thermoforming • Spring Winding • Tool Room (Wire EDM/Cutter Grinding)

Commitment -
MAGLITE® is the embodiment of our founder, Anthony Maglica, who inspires innovation, perfection and the pursuit of the American dream. Offering the best heavy duty and personal portable lighting products on the market. We foster a tradition of continual product refinement – through engineering, balanced optics, reliability, and superior performance. American know-how and unsurpassed manufacturing techniques performed by a dedicated team. This is the Maglite experience. 

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