Santa Discusses the “Spirit” of Christmas


Maglite (00:11):

Hello everybody. Santa Claus here with the Maglite Podcast. I'm asked to step in and, and do some special podcast with some special friends. And here we are with a group from Paracrew. Now, if you don't know who Paracrew is, they are a bunch of folks that whoa, they, they chase apparitions and magic elves and things like me. Uh, which, you know, I'm, I'm sort of a magic elf myself. I don't know, uh, Paracrew. Where, where would I fit in the panty on a Paracrew stuff? Santa Claus.

Paracrew (00:46):

Honestly, I think I'd be stayed on. I'd be on the bad list for the rest of my life if I wouldn't say it wouldn't be an angelic figure. You're an

Maglite (00:54):

Angelic figure. Of course. You know, I touch my nose and, you know, give presents to kids and go down extremities and travel all across the world at the speed of light. Absolutely. I'm faster than the speed of light, so I have to be magic.

Paracrew (01:06):

Yeah, absolutely.

Maglite (01:08):

Now, if, speaking of magic, if you had the ability, uh, and shadow is going to grant you whatever wish you want, when it comes to whatever Maglite product, I've gotta start and say with, with squeaks

Paracrew (01:21):

<laugh>, hello,

Maglite (01:22):

I have light product. Would, would you like to have the most, what are these big piece cheer for? So, or rechargeable, or a vent tech or what?


To be quite honest, I'm gonna

Maglite (01:34):

Happy Christmas

Paracrew (01:36):

<laugh>. I'm gonna say that I actually would like to see if everybody in our paranormal community could get a flashlight from you for their teams.

Maglite (01:45):

Oh, that would be fantastic. From Maglite. And of course, you know, I've gotta say, uh, I have one fantastic workshop, as you can see from behind me. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but, well, Tony Maglica, my goodness, what a shop that man has. The place is huge.

Paracrew (02:01):


Maglite (02:01):

These machines that can do just about anything,

Paracrew (02:04):


Maglite (02:05):

So, so worker, by the way, not always on the Good list

Paracrew (02:12):


Maglite (02:12):

The work to do. Uh, if you could any kind of Maglite, gift it to your friends or family to make a whole happy Christmas, oh, oh, what would you be getting on?

Paracrew (02:25):

I would like to give them a start kit for those who are in the police force, military force, or firefighting, or paranormal investigations. So everybody would get like a start kit flashlight.

Maglite (02:40):

Oh, look, you know, of course we've been very popular with the police and fire first responders for any years. They, of course, are the first adopters of our product to police. And, uh, military likes them very much as well. Uh, and so that's very good. And of course, we honor our military, our police, our first responders, our firefighters here at Maglite they are very important to us. Uh, and finally, to you, sir,uh, if you were to, uh, be able to get whatever kind of Maglite gift you could have for oh, Happy Christmas, what would it be?

Paracrew (03:14):

Honestly, well, I was gonna say exactly what Sarah and Carlos just said, but they stole my answer. So honestly, I'd have to say a mixture of both. I, I'd honestly want a gift set for everybody so that way they have a mag light for every occasion.

Maglite (03:29):

Well, and of course, those Spectrum series in, in your world, the red and the green and the different colored lights, uh, are, are helpful. Now for me, some ghosts come call and I'm, I'm, I'm gonna grab the biggest Maglite I can find

Paracrew (03:44):


Maglite (03:46):

I'm not down with those things, even though I'm sort of part of their world. Anyway, where can they find the Paracrew podcasts? Uh, so people can listen to and see you and hear what you have to say about your paranormal activities.

Paracrew (04:01):


Paracrew (04:04):


Maglite (04:05):

Somebody answer

Paracrew (04:06):


Maglite (04:07):

Shannon's gonna get,

Paracrew (04:11):

You can, you can find us on Facebook and on YouTube called The Paracrew Podcast.

Maglite (04:17):

And by the way, their structural effects, uh, and their openings and closing, fantastic. Uh, something that Santa needs to work on, cuz I'm kind of low tech. I'm getting just use on this stuff. <laugh> Santa loves us to say thank you to the Para Group, uh, prayer Group podcast. And, uh, of course, have a Happy Christmas everybody. Merry Christmas and uh, to all the Maglite from all of the Maglite family, to everybody out there, Merry Christmas everybody. And remember, there's a mag light that's a fit for everyone on your gift list. I'm Santa Claus saying thank you to the Para Group for being here on the Maglite Podcasts. Oh, Merry Christmas Works.