Santa Claus Discusses The Top Flashlights For Gifts and Stocking Stuffers




Oh, oh, Santa Claus here for the Maglite podcast. And it's tactical this time because we're joined by Phil Naman, uh, firing Line Radio. And he's a man who knows everything that there is about guns and ammunition and outdoors stuff and, and hunting. And well, he, he could tell you all about it. It's not something Santa's ever been into. I'm about as excited about doing that as I am about Ice fishing and have to live at the North Pole all the time. Uh, honestly, we could use some sun when I'm done, uh, withthe, with the Christmas stuff every year. It's exhausting. Joining me here, Phil. Name it. Phil, if you were sitting on Santa's lap, and I'll tell you, boy, would that be heavy because you're a, you're a big, uh, what are you, six seven

Phil (01:02):

<laugh> <laugh>. Let's just say I would not be sitting on Santa's lap.

Maglite (01:07):

Yeah, Santa would go squish because Phil  is a big solid guy. And, uh, all muscle too. There's just a, justa specimen, so to say. And he charges here on the Maglite podcast. And here we're gonna tell us if, uh, if you were to get whatever you would want for tagline

Phil (01:24):

Know, I, I never believed in Santa Claus until today. That's how

Maglite (01:30):

<laugh> Well, I'm, I'm glad, I'm glad to see that you've come around because Santa Ho ho holy believes in you. Phil, if you are sitting on Santa's lap, what would you be wishing for far? What, what kinda Mag

Phil  (01:44):

Lights a can of mace, um, <laugh>, if you're asking me if I had a wishlist of which mag lights, I could,

Maglite (01:52):

What's your wishlist for Christmas? 

Phil (01:54):

Like that

Maglite (01:54):


Phil (01:55):

Boy. I like that question much better. Let's just,


Hey, I think you guys have a couple of really good ones. Uh, one that's brand new, right? You got your magtac two, I think as far as a tactical, there you go. As far as a tactical light, it's perfect. It's got greater ergonomics. Uh, it's even got finger grooves on it. So for hand manipulation, you know, we talked a lot about this with John Magley on my show Fire Line Radio show last week. And, um, you know, there's some reasons you have a light on a gun and there's other reasons you don't, but if you own a gun like CZ 75 or a QUT 1911, and they don't have light rails on, most of them don't, anyway. Um, so you need to have a handheld light, particular type of a pistol. So there's lots of things going on. I think that that's great one for light, um, uh, defense abuse of light, and it fits your hand really well if you had to use any defensive tactic with the light itself. So I think that that's a, that would be a great choice. Um, do you need my mailing address?

Maglite (03:04):

No, I, I believe me, I, I've got you. I know exactly where you are.

Phil (03:09):

I've been a boy this year. Um, the other

Maglite (03:12):

One up and, and down, but you're ending up on the right side.

Phil (03:18):

They're only get one light. This

Maglite (03:20):

One. No, no, no, no. Whatever. If, if you were to have the net wide open Santa sack filled with MagLites

Phil (03:29):


Maglite (03:30):

What would it be?

Phil (03:32):

Well, I think another one that everybody should have is, again, the Magac is the smaller size, but the rechargeable, you know, it's what we have in our house. We have one in each place. So the Maglite rechargeable is, is a great, uh, great size. It's got the crown bezel. Again, if you have to do any home improvement, uh, you have an opportunity to do that. And, um, I think it's a great, it's a great light. So it's huge. I don't remember the exact Luman number, but it's big, super bright lasts a long time rechargeable. We've got that up at the cabin all the time. And, uh, not only The 300 is another great one. We need to have, just for prepping purposes, if you need a light that's gonna run 400 hours, right? The D cell,

Maglite (04:18):

Santa's got one right in his hand right now. ml300L four D, long lasting

Phil (04:23):

400 hours of use, which is, I think comes out to

Maglite (04:28):

Just about two weeks of continual use. That's on eco mode, of course. Yeah,

Phil (04:34):

Those are my top three.

Maglite (04:36):

Well, Phil, you've been very good to Maglite this year and you've been, oh, it's generally a very good boy, except when you're not. We appreciate you joining us here on the Maglite Podcast with Santa Claus. And remember, even if you don't believe in Santa, I ho, ho holy believe in you.

Phil (04:56):

Well, you know, the best part about Christmas this year is I won the twin costume. Didn't have to wear that suit.

Maglite (05:05):

And with that, we thank you for being here on the Maglite Podcast.

Phil (05:10):

God bless you.