There Were No Lights Outside... Only My Mini-Maglite!

I bought two Maglite flashlights in 1996: a Maglite 4D and a Mini-Maglite 2AA size.

Three years later, I was a Law student in the University classroom. One day, the South half of Brazil suffered a blackout. The University emergency lights were turned on and the classes are suspended.

There were no lights outside the Campus: only the vehicles lights and…my Mini-Maglite 2AA! I carried it strapped with a rubber band in my suitcase, so I can reach it easily in the dark.

When I took it on the bus, back to home, as the streets were in complete darkness. The passengers that disembarked at the same bus stop followed me because I was the only person with a flashlight! So I led these people, one by one, to their homes. Only after this, I returned to my home.