Why a Maglite MUST Be a Part of Your EDC

Key’s, phone, wallet, CCW, and a flashlight? That’s my typical checklist walking out the door, and the one I use the most, besides my phone, is the compact flashlight. I believe there are numerous reasons why a compact flashlight like the MAG-TAC LED Crowned Bezel should find a new home in your pocket every time you step out the door, not to mention on your nightstand. Instead of dragging on with reason after reason, I’ve compiled my top three, so let’s get started!

Reason #1: It Helps You See in the Dark

Duh! That’s why flashlights were invented, smart guy on the internet. Okay, hear me out, though. How often have you dropped something and struggled to find it or walked up to the door kicking yourself because you forgot to turn the porch lights on before you left? And now you’re struggling to find the right key or the keyhole. Just me? No, I didn’t think so! As a hunter, a flashlight is an invaluable tool I always have in a bag or close by. I use them to follow blood trails, find my way to the spot I’m hunting that morning, and find my way back to my vehicle at night.

Speaking of vehicles, even during the day, I often need a flashlight to see what’s under the hood while working on it. From changing the oil to simple repairs, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used a Maglite while pretending to be a mechanic. One night, I had to rescue my parents because the battery in their new car decided to die. Having a Maglite that night made replacing the car battery so much less of a struggle. While in a pinch, I’ve used the “flashlight” on my phone, let’s be honest, the light doesn’t make seeing in the dark much easier. Even though this is reason enough to ensure you have a Maglite with you 24/7, let’s move on to another convincing argument.

Reason #2: It Will Keep You Safer

When I think of safety, I rarely initially think of a flashlight. Maybe it’s my training in the coal mining industry, but I always think of a hard hat and safety vest first. However, at night, on the roadside, someone will first notice a light, especially a bright or uniquely colored light. Using the flashlight to illuminate yourself, the tire you’re changing, or your vehicle, in general, will help alert other drivers to slow down or at least move over into the next lane so you have a little room to do what needs to be done. DO NOT, and I repeat, do not shine the light at the oncoming vehicles; that is a recipe for disaster. Use it only to make you and your vehicle more visible.

Reason #3: It Can Help You Get Out of a Dangerous Situation

I was shocked when I heard Jocko Willink answer, “What would you do in a street fight?” As a former Navy SEAL, BJJ Black Belt, and a big guy in general, he said, “Run, I would run away.” Then he explained there’s no reason to expose himself to an unnecessary risk of injury or death. He has nothing to prove by staying and fighting; we don’t either. This is why it’s most often better to pull out the Maglite and use it to temporarily blind someone by shining it in their eyes while you get away. Not to mention, the legal ramifications of sending a few 45 ACP rounds in someone's direction versus pointing a bright light at them are not comparable. You can use several techniques to help disorient the would-be bad guy. The first is quickly turning the Maglite on and off, mimicking a strobe light, or turning on the strobe setting. Or you can simply turn it on and point it at their face as you find a safer place. I don’t recommend turning the flashlight on, dropping it, and running away. People always try this in the movies, and it rarely turns out well for them. And I seriously doubt it will work in the real world unless you’re a track star.

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month

Choosing Which Maglite to Carry

So now you’re convinced you should be carrying a Maglite, but there are so many options; how do you choose which one to carry? Start by deciding how you plan to carry it. If you’re going to stuff it in your pocket, I recommend a compact flashlight. I would go with a mid-sized light if you carry it on your belt or in a purse or bag. I gravitate towards LED lights because they’re brighter and last longer but more expensive. So, if it’s not in your budget, an incandescent light is still a good option. I’ve bought multiple styles and sizes throughout the years to meet my needs in that season, so don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy a bunch of flashlights all at once. Some of my grandpa’s old Maglites are still being used around the farm, so I can speak from experience when I say these flashlights are built tough. This is one last reason why a Maglite should be a standard part of your EDC.

Author: Samuel Jacobs of ammo.com