Who's Your Favorite James Bond?

This is kind of a big deal. James Bond. Who's gonna be next? Who do you want to be next? We don't know too many movie franchises that can change who the main character is so much and people are still crazy about the movies. 

Of course, the latest was Daniel Craig. We had some doubts at first, but he did great. But, you know, our favorites were probably Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. Not because their version of James Bond were using a Maglite or anything. (wink)

Rumor has it that Idris Elba could be the next James Bond. They're also looking at Richard Madden, aka Rob Stark. The Lannisters send their regards. Let's hope that if he does become the next James Bond, he'd be a little smarter and not get himself killed at a wedding. That would just be tragic. 

Anyway, onto a lighter subject. The next time you go to a movie, see if you spot a Maglite. If you do, hit us up on Instagram with a little tag @maglite and let us know. We'll be your bestie for life for it. We love movies here at Maglite!