What Women Do To Feel Safe While They Run

"I run with a small but very heavy Maglight [sic] flashlight that my dad got me years ago," says Liz K., 38, from Chicago. "It's in a heavy-duty nylon case with a wrist strap, so I strap it to my wrist and then grip the flashlight with my finger on the power button while I run. My dad's thinking when he bought it for me was that I could use the heavy metal flashlight to fend off an attacker (or at least make it harder for them), and I suppose a bright light to the eyeballs would also be quite annoying, assuming I could click it on in time. Fortunately I've never had to use it."

In a recent article, Shape.com shared how 34% of women feel afraid when they're exercising alone. But, that fear isn't stopping women from running. In it, they shared several things that women are doing in order to feel safe while they're running. One of the stories from real women is the one above, regarding the use of a Maglite flashlight. Read the full article here.

Many of our customers purchase a Maglite for their loved ones, some of which are parents thinking about their son or daughter's safety. In fact, we recently had a customer emailed us about how much he loved that we have a pocket / purse flashlight (our Mini Maglite Pro LED), as it was something he made sure his daughter had for her safety. We're told all the time how our flashlights make our customers feel safe wherever they are.