Tips for Hurricane Season

Stay safe this hurricane season with Maglite flashlights! Get prepared with our top tips for storm readiness.

  • Have an exit plan.

Do you know your evacuation routes? Do you have a place that you know you can go to in the worst case scenario? A quick search of "evacuation routes" will give you the exact info you need for your local area. Know exactly which way to go and where you're going way before anything can possibly happen.

  • Have plenty of non-perishable foods and water.

You can never have too much non-perishable foods or water when preparing for major storms like a hurricane, especially when you live in an area that is prone to getting major storms and hurricanes (even earthquakes). Peanut butter, nuts, trail mix, power bars, canned meat and canned vegetables. The key thing is to stockpile items that pack the most calories and nutrition. Plenty of water, but a portable water filtration device may prove to be very useful. 

  • Have a light source and plenty of batteries. 

It's usually the last thing you think about, but lighting is an extremely important thing when it comes to emergencies. Yes, we're in the age of cell phones with its own light. But, that light also drains your phone battery, which you will need for communications and GPS. You need a dependable, long-running flashlight. We highly suggest getting the Maglite ML300L 4D LED Full Size Flashlight, which can run for more than two weeks nonstop on just 4 D-cell batteries. Or, get our Complete Home Bundle, which includes the ML300L 4D as well as the Mini Maglite Pro LED pocket/purse flashlight and the Solitiare LED key chain flashlight. Order now so there's plenty of time for the flashlights to get to you!

  • Stay safe when preparing your home.

Whether you're boarding up the windows or on the roof cleaning out the drains, be careful! Don't injure yourself in preparation for a storm or hurricane. Be safe! We cannot stress that enough.

We've heard so many incredible stories from our customers over the years and have seen many heroic deeds by both citizens and first responders. All of those customers expressing to us how critical the Maglite flashlight was to their survival in those extremely difficult days during and after the major storms and hurricanes. So we understand and take very seriously the threat of major storms and hurricanes. Here at Maglite, we wish you and your family safety this hurricane season.