Service and Remembrance

September 11th is Patriot Day and Service and Remembrance Day -- a day that we will never forget. One can only hope to help turn a day of tragedy into a day of charity, unity, and patriotism. On this day we are called to volunteer to serve our communities and our country in honor of 9/11’s first-responders, victims and survivors, and those that defend our freedom daily. Here are some ways that you can get involved on local and national levels.

Inspire Unity

There are many organizations dedicated to giving back in honor of #911day. Browse the internet to see how you can get involved and help make a positive impact on your local community and your country. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) also encourages families, churches, classrooms, and other community organizations to plan a service project. They help supply tools and resources to make your idea for an activity become a reality. You can arrange a blanket and toiletry drive to aid those without homes, or organize a jog-a-thon to raise money for a 9/11 foundation.  Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact and recall the sense of unity that followed 9/11. Have your friends and family help write out thank you cards to policemen and firemen and then drop them off at different stations with some homemade treats. Assemble notes and care packages for those serving in the military. When our nation comes together, it truly inspires a feeling of patriotism and gratitude. Remember to be thankful for policemen, firefighters, EMTs, and other public safety personnel that work tirelessly to protect us on a daily basis.

Give Back

Giving something back to your community through simple acts of service is an honorable and selfless way to show kindness. We don’t have to wait for Service and Remembrance Day to think about volunteering and helping others. There is a need for volunteer service all the time, in endless capacities, and just about everywhere! Whether it be photographing at a fall harvest festival, distributing food at a local meal center, mentoring or tutoring children, hosting a food drive, handing out water to marathon runners -- the list goes on and on! There are countless ways to utilize your talents, skills, and interests for the benefit others. Freely giving our time and resources makes our communities and nation a better place, and in turn helps make ourselves better people too.

Proud to be American

9/11 day is now the nation’s largest day of charitable service. It’s a day that embodies America -- the land of the free and the home of the brave. Proud to be American? Maglite is proud to manufacture its flashlights in an American factory by American workers since 1979, and has the perfect flashlight for you: the Flag-lite! The iconic Maglite is decorated with the USA’s stars and stripes. Available in the Maglite 3D Full Size LED and the Mini Maglite Pocket Size LED, this flashlight is truly a piece of Americana. Use your Flag-lite this 9/11 as you volunteer, or gift one to a first-responder. Maglite is here to serve you as you serve your country!