Prepping For Back To School

Yep, it’s that time of year again! August is back to school for all ages, which means stocking up on crayons for little ones, snagging the new “it” backpack for teens, and styling dorm rooms for college freshmen… all while making sure the kids are well-fed, well-rested, and well-dressed. Back to school is an exciting time for kids and parents alike... It’s the start of a new adventure! And wherever there is adventure, you’re sure to find Maglite there too!

Backpacks, Lunchboxes, and Water Bottles (Oh, My!)

As a kid, the best part about going back to school (besides seeing your friends) is back to school shopping. The first day of school is all about showing off your cool new gear --  of which backpacks, lunchboxes, and water bottles are the essentials.

Backpacks these days come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you pick the right one? Start with making sure to grab all of the school supplies (pencils, highlighters, notebooks, etc.) that are on the class list from your child’s school. Many retailers will also have your child’s class list available on their website or in person at guest services. This way, you will know exactly what your little one will need to be toting around all day, and you can help them choose their backpack accordingly. Other factors to consider for a backpack are durability and style. Of course, no backpack is complete without a keychain -- that is, the Maglite Solitaire LED Key Chain Flashlight. This nifty little flashlight has a beam throw of half a football field and can run for almost two hours on just one AAA battery. These flashlights are great for emergency situations, saving your phone battery for important calls, and finding items in your kid’s backpack-black-hole. It comes in nine colors, so there’s sure to be one that will match your child’s new backpack and personality!

Whatever you’re looking for in a lunchbox, the right one is guaranteed to be out there. There are bento boxes for neatly portioned meals that come with a reusable cutlery set. Dual-compartment lunch bags keep cold items separate in an enclosed, hard-bottom cooler. This feature is great for storing cold items with an ice pack to make sure they stay fresh until lunchtime, or for storing items that you don’t want to get smashed. Lunch totes are the perfect carry-all -- just throw it in the bag! There are even lunch bags that are fashionably disguised as purses. Pick the lunchbox that perfectly balances form and function, and your kid will be sure to thank you!

Make sure your child stays healthy and hydrated by getting them a reusable water bottle that is BPA, BPS, and BPF free. Bottles with a flip-open valve or pop-top are great for tossing into a lunchbox or backpack without worrying about spillage. Don’t forget to snag a tumbler for your morning coffee or tea. Look for ones that are conveniently dishwasher safe and are made out of quality materials that won’t burn your hands or fall apart after a few uses.

College is the start of a new adventure!

Prepping for the dorm is just one part of the going-away-to-college adventure. Here are a few essentials that will make dorm living a little easier: 

A storage ottoman is a great way to add an extra seat and utilize every square foot for stashing clothes, books, snacks, etc. A toiletry tote is a must-have for dorms with shared bathrooms. Stock it with everything one normally needs for the bedtime routine, plus shower slippers with a non-slip sole and a comfy, absorbent robe. Don’t forget to double check the measurements of the dorm bed to make sure that you get the right size sheets. Worried about late night walks from classroom to dormroom? Snag an iconic Mini Maglite Pro LED Flashlight, perfect for your pocket or purse. It’s beam throw is almost two football fields -- much more powerful than a phone flashlight. Plus, it comes in nine colors, so you can stay safe and make a #maglife statement.

Keep your back-to-school cool

Back to school can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay ahead of the to-do list and take it one day at a time. Remember that life is an adventure, and Maglite is here for you every step of the way!