Looking for the ultimate Christmas gift...?

Looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for the MARVEL fan in your life? They’ve probably got the basic merchandise already: shirts, socks, keychains, posters. But this Christmas, you want to change things up a little, and we’ve got just the right thing.

Welcome to the Marvel MAGLITE Special Edition flashlight line-up, a series of lights featuring some of Marvel’s most iconic characters like Spiderman, Venom, and Punisher. Don’t go thinking this is just a collectible to display up on your shelf alongside your figurines, because these lights have hours upon hours of continuous battery-life, they’ve got that classic durable, aluminum body, and are water resistant. Models range from the keychain Solitaire to the full-size ML300LX LED 3-CELL D, and we can’t forget the tactical and knurled MAG-TAC CR123.

If your Spidey Senses are tingling, there’s a reason why…

To find out more about our Special Edition flashlights, visit https://maglite.com/collections/marvel  and check us out the Men’s Journal 2020 Gift Guide & Rolling Stone Magazine.