How To Have The Best Road Trip Ever

Did someone say road trip?! We just love the wide-open road, a great playlist and somewhere to be on no exact schedule. Here are a few of our tried and true tips for slowing down, savoring summer and getting more bang for your summer adventure buck:

Remember the journey is the destination

First things first, check the boxes for all the basics: a place to stay and things you want to see. But the real road trip magic happens when you keep an open mind. So leave plenty of time to pop into that random roadside diner, make sure to enjoy in-car-dance parties and check yourself when frustrated at a detour. That closed road might just lead you to an even more amazing discovery.

Plan for everything and regret nothing

When it comes to road trips, packing is key. All the planning and prep you do ahead of time gives you so much more freedom on the road. Here are a few of our packing must-haves:

  1. Snacks! Stock up on protein bars, trail mix and boxed water and you’ll be ready for anything. You can even pack it all into this amazing backpack cooler.
  2. All weather picnic blanket. Whether you end up at the beach or a national park, you’ll need a place to cozy up and picnic. What kind of road trip doesn’t include a picnic?
  3. Maglites for every occasion. We love the ML300L 4D because it runs more than two weeks nonstop on just 4 D batteries. And if you wanna look super cute and feel super prepared, pop the Solitaire LED on your key chain.

Be in the moment

Studies show that people who spend less time on their phones enjoy life more. So have a little chat with yourself ahead of time about your digital intentions. Maybe ditch the Waze app this road trip and try a real live paper map like this. Or give yourself a 5 photo-a-day limit. Imagine how much you’ll savor those 5 photos.

No matter what your adventure brings, we know you’re gonna have a blast. Be sure to text us a pic of you and your Maglite and you’ll be entered to win a trip to Southern California for two next July.  Drive safe and have fun!