From Summertime To School Time

With summer ending and back-to-school in full effect, the work/home balance and hectic schedule may need some getting used to this first week of September. There’s back-to-school night, sports games, family dinners, etc. -- all while making sure you and your loved ones feel happy and healthy. Here are some #maglife tips that might just help make the transition from a carefree summer to a busy school year a little easier.

Your plans at-a-glance

It might seem a little obvious, but planning ahead is a great way to begin to tackle the chaos this fall. With so many responsibilities and commitments these days, the mental file cabinet isn’t always enough to keep track of everything. Utilizing a family calendar can help take away the stress of remembering dentist appointments, parent/teacher conferences, piano recitals, and which-kid-needs-to-be-where-at-what-time. Wall calendars are helpful because all members of the family can see what’s happening at a glance and can add to it as things come up. Try using different colored pens for different kids, or convenient multi-colored sticky notes that you can move around as plans change. You can also utilize your phone calendar to make sure you and your family are in sync. Set reminder alerts and color coordinate tasks in the calendar app and your week will feel streamlined in no time!

What’s for dinner?

Sometimes deciding what to eat can be the most stressful part of the day. Try planning out meals for work and home so that you and your family will be well-nourished and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Meal prepping takes some work up front, but having a meal ready to go helps to make sure that you don’t skip a meal when the day gets hectic. You can also make a grocery list of fresh food, grab-n-go snacks, and frozen favorites. Make a list for two weeks and then alternate throughout the months so that mealtime doesn’t get monotonous. Taking the guesswork out of shopping will help create healthier eating habits as well. Instead of snacking on junk food or stopping by the drive-thru, you’ll have a fridge and pantry that’s well stocked to take on the week!

Hit the reset button

One thing that often falls by the wayside during stressful weeks is exercise. Exercising is refreshing for the mind, body, and soul. Be sure to take a few minutes out of the day to unwind. Take a couple laps around the block, go for a swim, or play catch in the yard. Getting some fresh air will help you press the reset button on your day and reconnect with your family. You can even do some exercises at your desk at work to get the blood flowing when that two o’clock feeling sets in. Maybe try something new -- yoga, running, cycling, crossfit, jiu jitsu -- sometimes finding a new passion can help kickstart your energy levels and ease your stress.

Lust for life

No matter what the beginning of this school year brings your way, the Maglite Complete Home Bundle has got you and your family covered! Bring the ML300L 4D LED flashlight along for walking to the car after late night soccer games. The Mini Maglite Pro LED flashlight is perfect for taking a twilight stroll through the park. The Solitaire LED flashlight is made for your keychain and will come in handy as a quick light in any situation. However you choose to relieve your stress this week, remember to live the #maglife way -- with a lust for life and adventure!