3 Things to Bring to a Music Festival

So you've got your tickets to that music festival you've been talking about all year. Some of you are a little fancy. You got that VIP package. Yeah? Nice! Here at Maglite, we like to be helpful. So we put together a little bit of a checklist for you so you can focus on more important things - like your outfits. Here are 3 necessary things you want to make sure you pack with you to your favorite music festival. It doesn't matter if it's Coachella, Stagecoach, Burning Man or your neighborhood jazz festival. You gotta have these things.

1. A Chair for Your Derriere (had to look up that spelling!)

Get the lightest fold-up little bad boy out there. So, our pick would have to be the Helinox Chair Zero. It's just 1 pound and it's small enough to fit into our backpack. Now, if you're like blessed with size, you might want to consider something you can blow up like a Clevermade Airchair. Those are nice. A blanket could work, too. But, seriously, a blanket? It's not the 90's. 

2. A Maglite (duh!)

Here's a nightmare music festival scenario: Your phone dies. Save your phone battery for those songs worthy of the phone light. Or, just wave your Maglite instead! And, of course, you've gotta save your phone battery for texting, Instagram posts, story, live, etc. - gotta keep the world updated! Make sure you have with you either a Maglite Solitaire LED on your key chain or a Mini Maglite Pro LED in your purse or pocket OR the big boy - the ML300L 4D LED flashlight can run for more than two weeks straight nonstop. And it'll protect you from those wild animals (ahem). 

3. A Water Bottle with a Filter

Hydration is obviously important. We've read those crazy stories. Let's never say never, Beliebers. It could happen to you. We know Hydroflask is pretty much everywhere. But, have you seen the Brita Sport Water Bottle with Filter? If anyone knows how to clean water, it's Brita b*** (baby). You know what'd be cool? If you put a filter on a pic of you drinking the water bottle with a filter. Someone should filter our jokes. Anyway, get one! Thank us later.

In conclusion...

Ok, so you're probably gonna see us - Maglite - at some kind of music festival at some point. So, make us a big promise. Come say hi, yeah? We'll have a little something something for you. Let's just say... you'll be lit. Ha!