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National Tactical Officers Association Gives Top Review to the MAGLITE ML150LR Flashlight


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National Tactical Officers Association Gives Top Review to the MAGLITE ML150LR Flashlight

Field Testing MAGLITE’s ML-150LR is Praised for its Brightness, Beam-Throw, Toughness, On-Time Between Charges and more

(Ontario, California, May 06, 2018) – Mag Instrument, Inc. (MAG) is pleased to announce that the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has given a top review to the MAGLITE® ML150LR flashlight. Multiple officers who field-tested the ML150LR praised it for a variety of critical features including brightness, beam throw, toughness, on-time between charges and more. The ML150LR™ is also Mag’s first mid-size flashlight to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery chemistry, which allows for faster recharging (about 2.5 hours from “dead” to “full”).

The ML150LR was designed with first responders in mind.  It is a mid-sized, rechargeable flashlight that comes with a cradle intended to ride alongside officers in their patrol vehicle.  The ML150LR packs over 1,000 lumens and lasts up to 79 hours without being charged in ECO mode.

Some of the praise heaped upon the MAGLITE ML150LR by the NTOA field team includes:

“This light was bright and had major throw. To say I was impressed was an understatement. The light has a powerful beam that throws light an easy several hundred yards away, while also having a nice amount of spill as well. This light performed greatly, is built like a tank, and worked very reliably.”

“I did a bit of research on the new Maglite ML150LR, and due to technological advances in heat sink technology, this flashlight is purported to be the longest lasting, brightest law enforcement flashlight out there. Based upon my admittedly less scientific field testing, they are correct in their assertions and claims.”

“The ML150LR-1019 LED rechargeable flashlight by Maglite was everything you would expect from Maglite. I like the charging dock that is included for this rechargeable flashlight. It allows the light to be easily removed and docked onto the charger without fear that it will fall out.”

“The performance of the light is exceptional, very bright, multi-function, multi-programmable option is a bonus to me, allowing the end user to tailor the light to their needs. Changing the modes and functions was very easy and only takes a few seconds. After charging the battery as instructed for the initial charge, I placed the light on each of the four modes and checked each of the functions, all performed as advertised. This light was dropped, kicked and tossed, while in the high-power mode, with no loss of illumination. Therefore, receiving a 5 rating in performance, ease of use, quality and durability.”

“MAGLITE has always had a powerful connection with law enforcement and we made the ML150LR with the needs of officers in mind,” said Tony Maglica, founder, owner and president of MAG INSTRUMENT. “We are very pleased to receive such fine reviews of our product from one of the leading tactical law enforcement organizations in the world.”

About Mag Instrument:

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