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Supplier Information Mag Instrument, Inc. is a California corporation privately by its President and Founder Anthony Maglica. Mr. Maglica utilizes a hands-on leadership style with this core philosophy: Consistent and superior quality of all Mag products coupled with outstanding customer service, never to be surpassed by competitors.

Mr. Maglica’s philosophy has resulted in his products being named as one of the 99 Products America Makes Best. Mag’s quality has not only been recognized in America, but Mag has also been the recipient of prestigious international design awards in Japan and Germany.

Mag is proud of the fact its portable lighting products are designed in the U.S.A. and produced by American workers. By implementation of innovative production processes and application of the J.I.T. philosophy, Mag has been able to maintain world-competitive pricing, and best-in-class product quality, despite competition from low-wage countries. In this way, Mag has resisted the temptation to “outsource” its flashlight manufacturing outside the U.S.A. Mag expects no less from its suppliers. Prices are to be controlled by utilizing innovative methodologies, which eliminate the need for price increases.

Mag remains committed to product innovation and refinement. Today, its products are sold throughout the world under the popular brand names of Mag-Lite®, Mini Maglite®, and others. Additional facts about Mag Instrument, Inc., its products and Anthony Maglica are available by requesting the media kit or by accessing our website at


PURCHASING DEPARTMENT: The Purchasing Department performs all purchasing and contracting for Mag. Many opportunities are available for providing a wide variety of goods and services to us. The Purchasing Department’s goal is to provide Mag with a broad base of potential sources and to afford the greatest possible number of firms the opportunity to submit offers to sell goods and services to Mag.

This directory is intended to assist you in becoming a potential supplier to Mag Instrument, Inc. It is intended as a quick reference only and shall not supersede the Procurement Information Packet.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Mag maintains an aggressive posture in defending its intellectual property rights. These include patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Mr. Maglica has received over 400 patents and trademarks worldwide.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: In the event that sensitive or confidential data is to be released for quote purposes, a signed Confidentiality Agreement must be on file at Mag before a supplier is placed on the bidder list. Under no circumstances shall RFQ’s be issued without this document on file.

REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ): The RFQ is a flexible and expeditious method for acquiring goods and services. The RFQ may be verbal or formally written. In either case, it is governed by Mag’s General Terms and Conditions, which are available for your review.

ELECTRONIC COMMERCE: Suppliers are encouraged to have EDI, e-mail, and internet access capability.

PURCHASE ORDERS: Purchase orders are issued based upon the least cost offered for the quality and delivery specified. No deliveries are to be made, work performed, or services provided without first receiving a written purchase order.

PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNTS: When evaluating quotations and bids, prompt payment discounts offered for less than 30 days will be considered in the final price determination.

GIFTS AND GRATUITIES: The acceptance of personal remuneration, gifts, lunches, or gratuities by Mag employees violates Mag company policy. Suppliers are requested to cooperate by not making such offers to Mag employees. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal of the Mag employee and the Supplier’s firm will be removed, permanently, from the bidder list.

ENGINEERING: In the event that a representative is here at the request of our Engineering Department, or any other department, we ask that purchasing be notified of the visit and advised if or when a budgetary quotation is requested. The Purchasing Department is the only department authorized to purchase material, equipment, and services for Mag Instrument, Inc.

DIRECT MATERIALS, PURCHASED PARTS: All direct materials are purchased on a Master Purchase Order. For additional information, contact the buyer assigned to your particular product or material.

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