MagLite flashlights are a vital part of any personal safety and emergency preparedness plan

Submitted: 2017
By: Brent T
Location: Edmond OK

This is not a story about how MagLite saved me but about how much I admire your products, ethics and commitment to manufacturing all of your products in the USA. MagLite flashlights are a vital part of any personal safety and emergency preparedness plan. My family and I all own several MagLite incandescent and LED flashlights. I have used several brands of flashlights over the years and MagLite remains my favorite.

I admire MagLite’s commitment to manufacturing their flashlights in the USA by American workers. This is something to be admired as so many flashlight manufacturers are having their products made overseas. I also admire your commitment to community service and charitable causes. I read about how MagLite donated flashlights to first responders at ground zero during both the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9-11 rescue efforts.

The Solitaire LED model is very bright and on every one of my family members keychain. The Solitaire is an excellent choice because all of the other keychain flashlights use button batteries that are not always readily available or reliable. We use the Incandescent MagLite Mini flashlights for use around the house. These are great for indoor use and for situations where you don’t want to disturb others. I also keep the MagLite 300L for home defense use.

The MagLite Mini LED light is incredibly bright at 272 lumens. Another thing that sets MagLite apart, it is the only light with a unique candle feature. This is perfect for use during a power outages and situations where you want to illuminate an entire room. I will continue to purchase MagLite products for gifts and personal use.

MagLite is a fine product that outperforms competitors products. The quality, dependability and ruggedness of MagLite Flashlights along with your commitment to manufacturing MagLite IN THE USA are just a few reasons MagLite is the only flashlight I carry.

Keep up the outstanding work!