We know we can depend on it when duty calls!

Submitted: 2016
Location: Bergen County, NJ

Superstorm Sandy decimated our neighborhood in Bergen County, New Jersey. We had trees and powerlines down everywhere. The morning after the storm, I was surveying the damage on my block when I found a LED Mini Maglite that had been dropped in the street. For three weeks of chaos we didnt have electricity, cell service and gas was rationed. The grocery stores were closed. Without electricity all their fresh and frozen food was ruined. After leaving the closed grocery store in Fort Lee that evening, I looked across the Hudson and Manhattan was completely dark. It was like a scene out of the apocalypse. But that Maglite I found pumped out all the light that we needed. To this day, we keep that Maglite in the glove compartment of our car because in an emergency, whether it be a blizzard, flat tire or Superstorm, we know we can depend on it when duty calls!