My Lighting Choice for My Adventures

Submitted: 2019
By: Chris, R.
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina


The Maglite flashlights are my lighting choice for my adventures.

I use them anytime I’m in the great outdoors.
Whether it’s hiking in the backcountry in Colorado or Utah or going night fishing with my kids.
They simply just work.

There are several reasons why I make Maglite my flashlight choice.

Number 1: Quality.  When I take my Maglite’s with me on an adventure and the batteries are good, I know the light is going to work.  I never have to worry about a failure in the middle of nowhere.

Number 2: As if number 1 wasn’t enough, they are Manufactured in the USA.  This means something to me.  It means that one of my countrymen or women made it.  I take great pride when using it.  And I know they did too by the craftsmanship and quality.

Bottom line, it’s a trusted component of my kit and I don’t just hand my trust over.
It must be earned.

Chris Roberson


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