Top 10 Safety and Security Items for College

Top 10 Safety and Security Items for College

Top 10 Safety and Security Items for College

By Marin McCall | September 6, 2017

Missing your security blanket? When your massive college campus and cinderblock dorm room became your new home, you hope to feel the same safety and security as your childhood home. Unfortunately, the real world throws a lot of nightmares at you. And your run of the mill nightlight won’t solve them. Sometimes you have to become your own nightlight. You’re a big kid now so get yourself a Maglite® flashlight and read on to create a legitimate security system for yourself.



Late night walks on campus can feel creepy. Make like Indiana Jones adventuring through hidden caves with a quality flashlight. Carry your own torch to stay ahead of dangers lurking in the dark. You’ll want to illuminate the unfamiliar areas on the way home from whatever latest late-night spot your friends drag you to without having to drain your phone battery using its flashlight. Plus, a real flashlight makes your phone look like a single match next to a lighthouse

beacon. “Being able to see in any condition is an important safety and security issue for any college student,” said Scott Field, Vice President Global Marketing and Sales at Mag Instrument, Inc.. “Students don’t keep the most regular hours and whether it’s coming back from a late night in the library or late night out with friends, a Maglite provides reliable lighting for any condition.” Don’t risk going home in the dark.


Your normal backpack shopping takes into account color, shape, number of pockets and back support. The father who invented BulletBlocker®, the bulletproof backpack, thought of something else: Does your backpack have your back? “Our backpacks have a Level 3A panel sewn discreetly in the back of the bag, which is rated to stop virtually all handgun rounds as well as some shotgun rounds,” BulletBlocker® representative Joe Curran said. “The peace of mind comes from knowing they will have a tool that could help them survive in an active shooter situation. It also gives them a feeling of self-reliance and self-confidence knowing that they have the ability to help themselves stay safe in a potentially deadly situation.” You can rest your head easy when you’re napping on campus with your defensive backpack.


We’re obsessed with multiple functions in one product: just look at smartphones and Doritos Locos tacos. Switch from being a SWAT team officer with the wire cutter disabling some sensitive electronics to being the group mom trimming loose threads with the scissors, all without delay. This tool with 10 tools in one (including a retail package opener, a.k.a. a magic wand) makes life easier 10 ways in one.


You can use any pen to doodle in your notebook or sign your rent checks. But with this pen you can break glass and write underwater. Wait, what? A tactical pen will dominate all those free pens you got from club and career fairs because it goes beyond the basics. Like the bulletproof backpack, you might not think of safeguarding your normal school supplies, but you never know what situation will come up. When you take your supplies to the next level you’re looking out for your safety.


Scaredy cats, keep scrolling. Or read this four-word horror story: Your phone is dead. Say goodbye to apps that could guarantee a safe ride home. Goodbye texting or calling anyone to pick you up. Don’t make us laugh and tell us you can get anywhere without checking your maps app at least once. “I feel so stranded when my phone is dead so I always carry a portable charger. It makes me feel safer to know I’ll always be able to call someone to come to the rescue,” said Drake University junior Mia Tirado. It’s as small as your phone to fit into your workout gear, tiny date night clutch or overstuffed backpack. Plus, it’s more powerful than two of your phone’s batteries.


Sure, you and your roommate share everything, from toothpaste to TMI about what goes down in those communal bathrooms. Great roommate relationships aside, you’ll still need to protect your prized possessions in your dorm room. Not even the monster under the bed could crack this case, but you can store it with him in the meantime to keep your valuables out of view and locked up. “I don’t keep a lot of valuable things around in college but I did lose my wallet with my social security card in it at a bar and that’s definitely not safe. So I could have used one of these to keep those kind of documents and important stuff safe,” University of Iowa junior Abbe Sindlinger said.


Despite all the slapstick humor that deals with accidental or misdirected pepper spraying, the serious power of this weapon makes it as essential to your bag as anything else. “The pepper spray I keep on my keys makes me feel safe walking home because I know if anyone came up to me I probably wouldn’t be able to fight them, but I can spray them away,” Creighton University junior Gabi DiMatteo said. Anyone can wield this weapon. You always want to be prepared for any scenario and pepper spray will allow you to fend off an attacker. Plus, a compact design means it’s easy to carry and access if you ever need it.


The element of surprise works just as well for defense as offense. No attacker will suspect a tiny siren hidden on you. As soon as you let this baby loose on a potential attacker, you’ll have time to get yourself out of your sticky situation. Don’t expect this to sound like your old high school coach’s dollar whistle either. Sensitive ears beware. “You never know if you’re in a scary situation whether you’ll be able to get anything out with all the fear and adrenaline like when you’re on a roller coaster and your screaming doesn’t really come out. This could save you or someone else,” University of Iowa sophomore Cassie Buccholz said.


Ever take a wrong turn on a day hike and wonder what you would do if you had to spend the night? You need fire power. Flames from a Zippo® lighter are way more reliable than whatever Soundcloud rapper claims his mixtape will bring you. That 99 cent lighter from the gas station may be a conversation starter with its bumper sticker design, but you want a reliable light that will start a fire under any condition. “I only use Zippo® lighters because they’re the most lit. No, but really I’m kind of a lighter snob and I need something that’s good quality. I don’t feel like I can rely on just any cheap lighter,” University of Iowa junior Teddy Hill said. Plus, a sleek, adult design makes for a safety and security item you can carry through the years.


If Owen from Grey’s Anatomy introduced you to the world of trauma medicine, raise your hand. Now raise both your arms and let us slip this trauma kit over your shoulders so you can be the Owen of any emergency situation. This first aid kit on steroids will keep you and your friends safe from most injuries at least until professionals can arrive. You’ll feel better knowing you did everything that was in your sanitarily latex-gloved hands.

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