The MAGLITE FOUNDATIONsm is a non-profit Croatian entity, which was established in 1997 by Mag Instrument. Anthony Maglica, President and Founder of Mag Instrument, is the President of the Managing Board for the Foundation.

The Foundation logo shown to the right symbolizes a globe with light emanating from the Maglite Corporate Headquarters in Ontario, California in North America to the Adriatic Sea.

The Maglite Foundation’s purpose is to facilitate the clean up of the Adriatic region as well as to support environmental protection efforts and preservation of this delicate ecosystem in order to preserve its natural beauty and safeguard its resources. The Foundation also hopes to facilitate the economic revitalization of this region consistent with these goals, primarily through job creation and other economic stimulus.

The Foundation’s initial focus has been on the island of Zlarin off the coast of Sibenik. Zlarin (an island approximately 6 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide) is located on the Dalmation coast. It is one of four inhabited islands belonging to the town of Sibenik, the gateway to the national parks in the Krka river gorge and the Kornati Islands. Zlarin is within swimming distance of the mainland, or if you prefer, just a 30 minute boat ride from the Sibenik ferry terminal. Zlarin’s beautiful coast and clear waters are a haven for summer yachters traveling the Adriatic coast. Its picturesque small village dating back to the 1400’s is a photographer’s dream and its pristine coves a paradise for swimmers and summer sunbathers.

In May 2000, the Maglite Foundationsm commissioned a study to identify and explore the potential for socioeconomic development on Zlarin. The Maglite Foundationsmsponsored a team of instructors and students from the College of Environmental Design at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to spend a week gathering data about the island from the local government in Sibenik. Subsequently, an urban design course being taught at the University prepared multiple scenarios for developing the island consistent with the Foundation objectives.

Although born in New York City, Mr. Maglica was raised on the Island of Zlarin. Several years ago Mr. Maglica went back to visit his boyhood home and noted the extent of pollution on and around the island. Trash was dumped everywhere on the island or weighted down with rocks and thrown into the sea. Tony was so distraught that he created the Maglite Foundationsm immediately upon his return and went about designing and fabricating a world class incinerator for the island. Today, a state of the art incinerator and related infrastructure improvements have been constructed. The Foundation also donated a fire engine to the island (its first!). An opening ceremony commemorating the start-up of the incinerator and related clean-up efforts is planned for 2016.

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