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I have a MAG-TAC flashlight that used to work normally – i.e., I could invoke all the functions by pressing the tailcap switch button once (for “momentary on”), quick-clicking twice (for high-power mode) or quick-clicking three times (for strobe in the crowned-bezel model, or “power save” mode in the plain-bezel model).  But now when I double-click or triple-click the switch it does not change modes.  Now it will only do “momentary on” mode – it’ll only stay on as long as I keep pressing the switch button.  The batteries in it are not new.  They’ve logged several hours.  Why isn’t the flashlight operating normally?  What’s the solution?

What you describe actually is normal operation for a MAG-TAC flashlight running on batteries that are approaching depletion.  The circuitry is designed to react to a low-battery-power condition by letting the flashlight operate only in “momentary on” mode.  The idea behind this feature is to conserve what’s left of your battery power — to make sure your flashlight doesn’t just suddenly leave you in the dark, even when your batteries are nearly exhausted.

You can restore three-function operation simply by replacing your nearly-spent CR123 batteries with fresh CR123’s.