Maglite LED XL200

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My MAGLITE® XL® Series flashlight comes on at normal brightness when I first turn it on, but then it very quickly dims down to a lower brightness level, or even turns off entirely, without my doing anything to the switch. I’ve checked to make sure the contacts are free of corrosion, dirt and debris, and they’re all clean.  So what could be causing this?

Once you’ve ruled out dirty contacts, by far the likeliest explanation for this kind of malfunction is sub-par batteries.  In order to maintain stable functions, your batteries need to have a certain ability to put out sustained power while under load.  That ability slowly degrades as batteries age and as they are depleted by use.  Eventually the batteries decline to the point where the symptoms you describe – starting out bright but then spontaneously dropping down to a lower-brightness condition, or spontaneously turning off – can occur.

Try inserting a new set of batteries and see if that corrects the problem.  But make sure they’re fresh batteries.  “Fresh” doesn’t just mean unused.  It also means recently-manufactured batteries that have not spent a long time sitting on a shelf.  (And keep in mind that simply voltage-testing a battery will not confirm for certain that it its power output is up to par.  That would require testing under load, with special equipment beyond a simple voltmeter.)

Also it’s best to try new batteries from a different lot or batch than the ones already in the flashlight.  Although the quality control for premium-brand alkaline batteries is, in our experience, generally very good, there is such a thing as a sub-par lot.

We sometimes see this kind of malfunction after the flashlight has been dropped.  Dropping can dislodge or disrupt a battery connection.  To see whether this is the case, try removing the battery carrier from the flashlight, taking out the batteries, and simply reinserting them, putting the carrier back into the flashlight, and trying it to see if it is again working normally.

But if you’ve ruled out dirty contacts and sub-par batteries as possible causes, and you have tried the “battery-reinsertion” maneuver, and your flashlight still does not operate stably, then follow the instructions for sending it to our Warranty Department and we will check it out.

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My MAGLITE® XL200 flashlight won’t turn on. I press the switch and nothing happens. The batteries are fresh and I’ve checked and made sure the flashlight is free of corrosion, dirt and battery-leak damage. What could be causing this, and what’s the fix?

Your flashlight could be in “lock-out” mode.  It has a “lock-out” feature to keep it from being turned on accidentally when, for example, it is being carried in a pocket or knapsack.  Even if you didn’t engage the “lock-out” feature, it’s possible that somebody else did.  And, although this is rare, sometimes the “lock-out” feature is triggered by accident, or by dropping the flashlight.

To make sure your light is not in “lock-out” mode, follow these simple steps:  (1) Point the flashlight straight up at the ceiling.  (2) While the flashlight is pointed straight up, depress the tailcap switch button and HOLD IT DOWN.  (3) While CONTINUOUSLY HOLDING DOWN the switch button, rotate the flashlight through 180 degrees – from straight up at the ceiling to straight down at the floor.  (4) When the flashlight is pointed straight down at the floor, RELEASE the switch button.  The flashlight should now be unlocked and should operate normally.

If your flashlight still does not operate normally after you have performed this “unlock” maneuver, then follow the instructions for sending it to our Warranty Department and we will check it out.