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Mag Instrument, Inc., maker of the famous MAG-LITE® line of premium quality machined aluminum flashlights, today inked a sponsorship agreement to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

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ONTARIO, CA, FEBRUARY 1, 2008 — Mag Instrument, Inc., maker of the famous MAG-LITE® line of premium quality machined aluminum flashlights, today inked a sponsorship agreement to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

Just about everybody has a friend, a co-worker or a relative, if not an immediate family member, who has been challenged by this disease, said Tony Maglica, Founder and President of Mag Instrument. And it doesn’t™ just affect the patient. One case touches many lives. So we wanted to help do something about breast cancer. We chose to support NBCF because our homework told us that it™s an organization run with energy and passion, one that deploys resources in smart, practical ways. We were particularly impressed that for the past four years Charity
Navigator, the most prestigious charity evaluator in the country, has given NBCF its highest 4-Star rating in terms of fiscal soundness.
Under the agreement, Mag Instrument will provide financial support to NBCF and will market a specially marked and packaged MAG-LITE® SOLITAIRE® flashlight. These 1-AAA focusing-beam machined aluminum flashlights will be custom-anodized to a bright pink color, laser engraved with an NBCF logo, and packaged in special pink packaging bearing an NBCF logo.

Tom Richardson, Mag Instrument™s Vice President of Sales, explained: Our smallest product, the
SOLITAIRE® flashlight, was the natural choice for this cause-marketing campaign. It’s a high-quality product, startlingly bright for its size. It’s small enough to put on a keychain. I’s very popular with customers of both genders and all ages but especially with women. It has a high perceived value at an easily affordable price point, so very often given as a gift. It’s an item retailers will want to display near the checkout stand because people will see it and think, ‘Well, I can always find use for another one of these.

Details of distribution have not yet been finalized, but the specially-marked pink SOLITAIRE® flashlights will be available, starting this Spring, at major retailers across North America.

They’ll be hard to miss, adds Tom Richardson. The SOLITAIRE® flashlight is a very recognizable product, but the first time customers see one in a brilliant pink color, and in a pink package, it’ll just make them stop in their tracks. Pretty much the same thing will happen if you see it on somebody’s keychain. It’ll be very hard not to notice, and you’ll know instantly that the person carrying it has joined the fight against breast cancer.

Said Janelle Hail, Founder and President of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, We’re pleased that Mag Instrument has chosen to partner with us, and I’m personally delighted with the very imaginative cause marketing campaign they’ve planned. I’ve seen the pink flashlight and it’s just a very striking little object. This should really help to keep NBCF and our mission in the public eye.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) extends women’s lives through education about breast cancer and early detection. The organization provides hope to women and families affected by breast cancer through a community of caring support and encouragement that enables those diagnosed with breast cancer to have fulfilling lives during their treatment and beyond.