Still works, after laying on the side of interstate 78

Submitted: 2016
Location: New Cumberland, PA

Still works, after laying on the side of interstate 78. – Durable Flashlights

Today, while driving eastbound on I-78 in Bethel, PA, I briefly saw out of the corner of my eye, what looked like a large Maglite on the side of the interstate. I was reminded of some of the stories on here and got curious, so I turned around. I pulled over and checked it out, sure enough, there on the side of the highway, heavily traveled by trucks, was a Maglite. Its all beat up around the head and base like it took a bad fall from a fast-moving vehicle and has been rolling around ever since. I hit the power button and sure enough, there’s the extremely bright incandescent beam. Still works, after laying on the side of interstate 78 for who knows how long. Its actually a rechargeable non-LED model with a 6-volt battery pack, so Ill have to see where I can get a charger! Im also the owner of two red AA incandescent mini-Mags, one has always been in my tool bag, the other is usually by my side. At one point, one of the two fell out of a pocket into my friends dirt driveway. It was months later until I realized where it was, and at that point, an entire Pennsylvania winter had passed, and the driveway was mostly mud, but we found it, and it still just worked. At a last job, I found a pile of tools scattered on a workbench from someone who quit, in there was a beat up blue AA mini-Mag. It was robbed of its batteries and bulbs, so I got a new pack of bulbs and a new set of batteries, and sure enough, it too just works. To test its endurance, Ive taken that blue one into a lake while swimming (my 8-year old niece LOVES flashlights) and it didnt get a drop of water inside. Its not too often that you find products that are good, reliable stand-bys, and manufacturers that stand by their products. Maglite’s reputation speaks for itself. You just cant go wrong.