In service since 1979, yes since 1979

Submitted: 2016
Location: Fresno, CA

In service since 1979, yes since 1979 – Durable Flashlights

This Maglite 5D has been in service since 1979, yes since 1979, #50001226. My uncle aquired this flashlight when he was with the Wyoming highway patrol in 1979 when the flashlight (kel-lite) they were using before had stopped being made. This mag was used for 34 yrs by my uncle so it has many scratches, scrapes and dings from years of abuse on the highway patrol. Its so battered from abuse that you cant believe it was black at one point. My uncle sent this light to me recently as it was forgotten about for several years. I thru batteries in it and it fired right up. I still have in-service Maglites Ive had since i started in 1989 but they have no were near the abuse this one has lived thru. This flashlight will be displayed as this is a testament as to what a maglite can withstand. Thanks for producing such a durable flashlight