MAGLITE is the flash lite for life

Submitted: 2016
Location: Dowagiac, MI

MAGLITE is the flash lite for life. – Flashlights for professionals

Over a year ago I lost my 3 D-cell MAGLITE. While working under my truck the other day, WALLA there was my MAGLITE, stuck in a cross frame member from working on my truck over a year ago. It required a hammer to get it out from where it was wedged. But after new batteries it lit up no problem. The out side of it was filthy, the lens was scratched and it needs new paint, but the seals held up and there was not even any corrosion in the battery compartment or any moisture in the flash light. This after going through all four seasons exposed to the elements here in Michigan. I will always have a MAGLITE as long as they are made. During my U.S. Navy Law Enforcement career I owned a 6 D-cell MAGLITE which was absolutely my favorite. That lite got lost and I havent found another since. MAGLITE is the flash lite for life. Thank You from a very satisfied owner.