Mag offers 4 different LED rechargeable flashlights.  The largest and brightest (643 lumens, nearly 13 inches long and weighing 28 oz. with battery) is the new LED version of the long-renowned MAG CHARGER® flashlight.  It operates on a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery and has a multi-mode electronic switch, offering the user a choice among different sets of functions – so that each particular user can custom-configure the flashlight for quickest access to the functions he or she expects to use most.

Mag also offers two different versions (one with crowned bezel, one with plain bezel) of the MAG-TAC® rechargeable flashlight – a rugged, extreme-performance (over 500 lumens) tactical flashlight powered by a high-energy-density, fast-charging Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.  The MAG-TAC® rechargeable offers an array of operating modes selectable via a tailcap switch.

For the user who prefers a dual-power option, there is the MAGLITE® ML125® flashlight, which can operate either with the supplied NiMH rechargeable battery or with three C-cell disposable alkaline batteries.  It also features user-configurable function sets. And, like all MAG® flashlights, our rechargeables feature beam adjustability by rotating the head, as well as rugged machined anodized aluminum construction.

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