Mag offers 8 different LED, and 3 different incandescent, flashlights in compact (AAA or AA battery) size.  In brightness they range from 2 to 272 lumens, in length from 3 ¼ to 6 ½ inches, in weight (with batteries) from about ¾ oz. to 4 ¼ oz., and in diameter from ½ to 1 inch, with run times from 1.5 hr. to an amazing 218 hr.

Functionally, they range from the simple on-off  operation of the SOLITAIRE® keychain light and MINI MAGLITE® 2AAA pocket-clippable flashlight to the multi-functionality of our slightly larger compacts – culminating with the XL200® 3AAA LED flashlight.  With one of the world’s most advanced flashlight interfaces, the XL200® offers an amazing variety of functions including motion-controlled variable power level and strobe rate.

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